Friday, 31 July 2015

Summer holidays on a budget

Hello readers
Saturday was Brads 17th birthday and it was possibly one of the best birthdays he has had despite it costing very little. I have never got why people will spend upwards of £100 to celebrate something that should be about celebrating the person's life when this can be done in many ways and oh so much cheaper. Brads birthday cake cost just 55p on yellow sticker 2 days before his birthday (sorry no picture). There was a free medieval event on at the park in the next town so entertainment was free. Transportation cost was free with the use of disabled bus passes. Food was free as I made a picnic from food we already had in the house. Here are some pictures of our very expensive 55p birthday celebrations.....

So as you can see lots of fun was had by all and the total cost for this wonderful day out was just 55p :)

On Sunday they had another day of medieval activities on in the park for free so I packed up another picnic and off we went. Transportation free with bus passes. Picnic free using food and drink from home. Entertainment free. Here are some pictures of our second day out.....

It was another wonderful day out and the kids really enjoyed themselves again. The cost of this day out was zero, squat, completely free :) 

On Wednesday my best friend Karen asked if we would like to go to Weymouth beach with her for the day. We packed up yet another of my trusty picnics (always sure to save a few pounds taking your own food) and off we went. My friend paid for the petrol and parking as a birthday treat for Brad. Food was free from home. Entertainment was £1 for the punch and Judy show (sorry no pictures). And an ice cream each came to £7.50. So total spent was £8.50. Here are some pictures from our day at the beach.....

Another frugal family fun day out. 

On Thursday Brad and Ben will be going for their annual 2 week stay with their Nanny in Wales so Brandon and I will be popping up to London for a few days to visit my dad. When we get back we will be going for a four night five day short break camping. The pitch has cost me £40 and the train has cost me £23 So £63 for a five day break during school summer holidays not to shabby at all :)

How have you been entertaining the kids on a budget this summer holidays ? Drop me a line I always love to hear from you all.

Much Love
Claire xx xx xx